Our Story

We had known each other since the 7th grade; we had almost every class together. It was not until the 10th grade when we had Chemistry together that we had really started talking . Our first "date" was going to Chili's on a day we had an extended lunch period because of a band activity. Since then we have never really liked Chili's. A few days later, I asked Sarah if she would come with me to the Arts for All festival. We had a good time walking around holding hands. It was May 10th, 2003 when I asked her if she would be my "girlfriend"; she said yes. It was a memorable night.

Both of us enjoyed band in high school. I played percussion, while Sarah played the clarinet and the tuba. We have many memories of marching in the hot and cold weather and cheering on the Highlanders to victory. Sarah also played soccer and was chosen to play in the All-State soccer game. I got to see many of her soccer games with her family.

Sarah and I were also active in church activities. Sarah became an active member of Western Hills Church of Christ and was baptized on June 27th, 2004. We enjoyed several mission trips to Monterrey, Mexico in the summer. We also helped out at Springboard, the annual youth rally.

In May 2005, Sarah and I graduated from MacArthur High School with honors. We both were awarded scholarships to Cameron University. After a year, we decided to transfer to Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma. We have been here for two years and are enjoying school and the Stillwater Church of Christ University Center here. Recently we enjoy geocaching, the world-wide sport of hide-and-seek.

In December 2007, I asked Sarah to be my bride at the Chickasha Festival of Light.